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By taking this course, you consent that you have read and agree to the following:


1.    You are a licensed plumber in the State of Georgia, and will use only your own plumbing license number on this test.

2.    You have spent the requisite time (approximately one hour) on this course prior to taking the examination.

3.    No one else will take this test for you, and the answers you give are based on your own understanding of the course.

4.    You understand that CE credits will be given only once they have been paid for on the CE area of the PMA website.

5.    You understand that fraudulently obtaining CE credits could result in loss of future services from PMA and discipline from the State Licensing Board.

6.    You agree to be legally bound by these statements.


Enter your full six digit plumbing license number with JP, MP or MPR in all caps, for example: JP123456.

Do not drop any zeros from your number.

The password is pma (must be lower case).

You will be asked to enter your email address. PMA will use this address to communicate with you.

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